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HVAC Coil Coating (RTPF)

Blygold coatings provide a remarkable long lasting and resilient corrosion protection for RTPF (Round Tube Plate Fin) heat exchangers.

Microchannel Coating

The Micro Channel Heat Exchanger (MCHE) development originates from the automotive industry where it has been used since more than twenty years now.

Cabinet & Casing Coating

Blygold offers a wide range of HVAC coatings developed for the interior and exterior of HVAC equipment.

Refurbishment & Rejuvenation

Blygold are experts in renovating air handling units and cooling towers. Replacement of these units is very costly and with Blygold it can be avoided.

Tube Sheet & Waterbox Cladding

Blygold ensures 100% protection against corrosion of tube sheets and waterbox cladding with its unique products and applications.

Finned Tube Coating

Finned tube heat exchangers are often the first choice in power plants, offshore rigs and heavy industries.